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Unit 1: Online Dictionaries

Hi there! here is a very interesting text about Google. Hey! We are talking about new technology.

Google's slow transformation into an open, transparent company

To some, Google has long been a champion of open source, hiring top open-source developers and contributing to a range of open-source projects, in addition to its Summer of Code. To others, Google has been the worst enemy of open source, bumping AGPL-based code of its and only selectively contributing back to the projects like Linux and MySQL from which it derives benefit.

In this Unit we learned how to use a dictionary and also we used online's dictionaries. Here is an example of two words from the last paragraph.

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Hello Friends! I asked a classmate about his opinion about engineering and I asked him the same questions of the last interview. I did the same with my girlfriend. Check it out!


He thinks that an engineer is someone who is trained or professionally engaged in branch of engieenering. He chose the
computer science because he liked it and it is a very nice carrer. He said, to be a good engineer you have to like science and math, you need a tecnical knowledge and practical ability.

When he completes his education he wants a job where he can implement his knowledge of the career and learn about new technology. He thinks that being an engineering student does not have a difficult part. He recommend engineering because it is a nice career and you can learn about the technology.


She thinks that Engineering is the art of creativity, knowledge and It is a profession that only ingenuity people can handle. Destiny of life made Jessica study Industrial Egineering, and she is good at numbers too. She also said that to bee a good Engineer you need to be very responsable, outgoing, you have to know how to work as a group, be a leader. Also you have to have a good memory and be extremely good with numbers.

When Jessica completes her education she wants to work for an internation
al company where she can show and improve her skills. Also she wants to graduate with good grades and view the benefits of his scholarship.

She recommend engineering because
it is a carreer where you learn science, numbers, professional and individual skills, environment works. In her opinion Engineering is a complete carreer.

If you want to know more you can leave a comment or visit their blogs.

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Name: Victor Rincón
Date: May 18th

1. Could you please define Engineering in your own words?

A: Engineering is a complete profession, it includes a lot of skills, professionals and individual skills like: creativity, knowledge.

2. What influenced you to pursue Electronics engineering?

A: The reason will be that I love technology and I want to be part of it.

3. Could you please describe the educational process required to become an Engineer?

A: First of all people have to do a test in the university where they want to study, then they start the career and they have to pass and get good grades in all their subjects. The subjects includes numbers, professional and individual skills, environment works.

4. What are the skills you need to be a good engineer?

A: You have to be a very good student, very responsable, becuase if you really want to be an Engineer you will no have time for nothing more than study, then you will se the benefits in the future, you will improve your knolegde, you have to be very outgoing.

5. What job considerations were you looking for after you completed your education?

A: Work for an international company where I can show and improve my skills.

6. What's something of your school life that you enjoy the most?

A: When I always wanted to be the academic leader for a work, and they chose me because of my good grades.

7. From your perspective, what is the most difficult part of being an engineering student?

A: Dealing with teachers that never helps their students the way it has to be. For example, there are some hard subjects and they need to be explained in a special way and some professors never do that.

8. What are your plans for the future?

A: I want to graduate with good grades and view the benefits of my scholarship, I want to support my parents, help them, and of course have my own family working as an Engineer for an international company.

9. Point out your most personally gratifying moment in Engineering school.

A: When I got my scholarship.

10. Why would you recommend Engineering as a carreer?

A: Because it is a carreer where you learn science, numbers, professional and individual skills, environment works. In my opinion Engineering is a complete career.

Introducing My Girlfriend and classmates.

My Girlfriend and classmates.

Hello! I am here to explain you the reason of why I'm creating this blog. I'm kind of a visitor of the Enligsh Class. I want to improve my english pronounciation and writting, and I have the perfect oportunity to do it with the woman I love.

I indtroduce you my girlfriend, she's Jessica Vergara, she's 21 years old, she's from Valera but I met her here in Maracaibo where she is living. She's studying Industrial Engineering and she got a scholarship and I'm so proud. We hope to graduate together very soon and we are studying so hard to make it.

We hope to make some friends in the English Class. This is the first pic the teacher just took. The girl next to me of course is my girlfriend.

The other girl is Marlly, she lives here in the city, she's 19 years old and she's studying Industrial. The guy next to be will be Jose Portillo but you can call him just Jose, he's 21 years old and he's studying Electronics. And the last one will be Nestor Tang, he's nickname is Chineese, he's 22 years old and he's studying Industrial Engineering.

You can leave a comment if you want to know them =D

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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome. This is my blog from one of my "visitor" english experience, this is Level 7 and I am going to improve my english knowlegde because I am thinking of becoming a Teacher Assistant. Here is a little information about me.

Hi, there! My name’s Victor Rincon but you can call me just Victor. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo, in Tierra Negra.

I’m 20 years old and I study engineering at URBE. I’m studying a lot so I can graduate soon. I love being with my girlfriend all the time, I love her, so I love doing all the things with her, watching some movies, going out, listening to music, playing the guitar, playing some games, dancing, talking, studying, travelling.

I hate when people smoke infront of me, getting up early on the weekend, violence, injustice, listening to vallenato, lies, politics.
My dream is to graduate soon to become an Electronic Engineer. I want to work for an international company where I can show and improve my skills, also I can try being an English Teacher as a hobby. I wish to get married and start a family and travel a lot, relaxing.

About English, I think English is very important. I listen to music and watch TV in English. It’s a good exercise. I love to improve all I can because I want to speak the language the same I speak Spanish. It is hard because it is impossible being perfect but I can try. Is one of the most important things in my life if I want to work for an International Company.

If you want to ask me something, you can leave a comment.